4.55 Meter Roof Rack Tie Downs - Silicone Buckle Protection Creatures Of Leisure


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Creatures of Leisure
4.55 Meter Roof Rack Tie Downs - Silicone Buckle Protection Creatures Of Leisure
  • Length: 15' / 4.55M
  • New custom molded silicon buckle cover that will prevent to your vehicle and surfboards
  • Industrial stretch 36mm corrosion resistant metal buckle
  • Heavy duty 30mm webbing straps

About Creatures Of Leisure:


Origin point and testing ground for Creatures of Leisure products
Located on Western Australia's wave-rich South West coast, Yallingup and its surrounds have bred some of the world's best surfers for several generations.
The region boasts multiple breaks within a relatively short span of the coast, most with a reputation for quality and power comparable with that of Hawaii. It's the perfect place to test surfing accessories. None of the CREATURES' surfing products hit the market without being given a thorough workout in these waves by our staff and sponsored riders or further afield by members of our international surf team.
It was here in Yallingup that a young John Malloy put down roots after hitching his way from Los Angeles in 1972. Over the four years that followed he and a mate developed the world's first urethane leash with injection parts to tackle the powerful local waves. That venture sparked a passion for designing and developing surf accessories that continue to this day.

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