Phantom Railgun Spear Gun 750-1700 From Undersee Australia- Australian Made!

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  • New compact  fibreglass reinforced nylon muzzle 
  • 28mm aluminum barrel with a spearguide the full length of the barrel 
  • Undersee's ever reliable Manta Grip trigger mechanism 
  • Super strong and tough shooting line
  • New super comfortable loading pad 
  • 16mm power band
Available in the following model lengths
750 Series (400mm long barrel)                             1000 Series (700mm long barrel)
1200 Series (900mm long barrel)                           1400 Series (1000mm long barrel)
1700 Series (1150mm long barrel)
Phantom Speargun                                                                          
The Undersee Phantom Speargun range with it's advanced design is suitable for the beginner trough to the experience spearo.
These Phantom Spearguns are fitted with our world renown Orca front which accepts one or two  booster loops for maximum power. With's it all black body it makes it stealth like in the water.
  • Double loop Orca front fitted standard
  • Double notched spear shaft for when a second loop is fitted
  • Single Flopper Harpoon fitted standard
  • 5/8 booster loop for great power on a well priced gun