Short Board Surfboard Bike Rack From Moved By Bikes

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Surfing is so much better when you dont have to drive to the beach! We were frustrated with the racks on the market, they lacked quick releases on the bars and were wobbly with longboards, and thats how the MBB Surfboard Rack was born.

All racks are manufactured from aluminium and stainless steel to ensure that they wont rust out on you in coastal environments. Hardware has been designed for maximum versatility to fit just about any bike, and to work with just about any surfboard.

The racks are based on Moved By Bikes patent-pending quick release bars. The splined bar design means that a simple push button is all that is needed to secure the bars to the mounts on your frame. Just push a button to remove when you get home from your surf session. When you are ready to go again, just slide them back in till they click into place


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